Twisted Smoke Shop has been providing smoking accessories for the Greater Sacramento area since 1995—a time before medical legalization, when hundreds of businesses and homes were raided for the suspected sale of drug paraphernalia during the attorney general’s Operation Pipe Dreams and Operation Headhunter. Priding ourself in remaining on the cutting edge, Twisted offers the latest technology in combustible and vapable cannabis consumption. Since opening our flagship store in the uptown area of Sacramento, we have opened three additional locations, two in Citrus Heights and the other in the Arden area on Fulton Boulevard.



Twisted is a one-stop glass and accessory supplier for the cannabis consumer. Our stock of American blown glass boasts over 30 well-known artists including Mike Stanley, Death Ball Glass, and Jason Evers. Offering more than just glass-blown pieces, Twisted has a huge array of pipes made from alternative materials such as wood, metal, bone, and corn cob. With all this and almost any accessory a smoker could be looking for, a visitor could peruse the shop for hours before seeing the full inventory.



Our original location in uptown Sacramento is a boutique-style storefront. It carries modern fashions for men and women including accessories, jewelry, piercing supplies, and more. In back, sits a veritable emporium of everything imaginable in glass, gadgets, and gear used for smoking or vaporizing. We present a professional environment in a salon-like setting that is comfortable and inviting for all. Offering a 15% discount to licensed cannabis patients, Twisted is truly a one-stop shop for everything but the cannabis.